Vision Statement: AFM will be our customers' and business partner’s first choice to provide services due to our integrity, foresight, and reputation.

Mission Statement: AFM will perform on, or in support of, our projects such that they warrant absolute customer satisfaction.

AFM has demonstrated, reliable performance in base operations, engineering support, and research facility operations and maintenance. The company also holds contracts for communications support, training support, and range maintenance.

AFM’s Rick Craig and Robert Moore interviewed for upcoming University CXO Summit,
Feb. 11-12, Atlanta, GA


  • The contractor's performance for the 1st Quarter, FY12 has been outstanding. The contractor should be commended as well for maintaining excellent communication with the government and customers during a time of transition.
    Ralph Gaines,
    Installation Maintenance
    Officer /Contracting Officer’s Representative,
    Ft. Gordon, GA
  • I do want to express my sincere thanks to you on your efforts to reach 100% dispatched on time again. We all know that it takes great efforts on everyone's part to achieve this.
    Ronald Price,
    Installation Transportation
    Officer /Contracting Officer’s Representative,
    Ft. Gordon, GA
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to work with each and every member of this team … our divisions truly reflect a partnership that the KO, Akima and DPW/DOL strived to achieve once the contract was awarded.
    Everette Smith, Chief,
    Supply & Services Division,
    Directorate of Logistics, Ft. Gordon, GA
  • The contractor provides exceptional service with regard to forecasting, managing, and controlling contract cost” and “The contractor was very prudent in controlling cost and ensuring efficient maintenance support and operation.
    Contracting Officer,
    Ft. Gordon, GA
    (CPARS rating, Sep 2011)
  • Working with Akima over the last few years, I have come to appreciate the value they provide to their [Hanford] customers. They are an integral part of the Mission Support Alliance team, are responsive, proactive and professional. Their partnership at Hanford has enabled great successes.
    Mike Wilson, VP,
    Site Infrastructure and Logistics,
    Mission Support Alliance, LLC
  • Akima continues to perform at a high level. Work orders and direct scheduled work are completed in a timely manner. The quality of service provided continues to be exceptional in all areas of the contract.
    Bob Hughes,
    Base Civil Engineer,
    MacDill AFB, FL
  • From my perspective and experience, I cannot think of a time when the facility operations were not better than they are now. I’ve always considered Akima … to do a good job. I have seen Akima operations get better … each year since you’ve been in your position, and I simply feel that you … deserve public kudos for that. The email communications that AFM makes with the employees in advance of potential disruptive activities have been a tremendous improvement.
    Steve Lehotay,
  • We wish to point out that essentially all the credit for energy and cost savings at the Center go to ARS & NAA & ERRC & Akima facilities/management teams, and they should be recognized for those excellent accomplishments. All employees who did their part to reduce energy usage also share in the credit, and all of our research programs benefit from the reduced utilities costs.
    Mike Powell,
    Chair of Green Team,
  • Akima in all ways performs better than the predecessor [contractor].
    Charles Frerich,
    Contracting Officer,
    Laughlin AFB, TX
  • Thank you Akima for the wonderful job helping my lab secure research materials. Several pieces of equipment were carefully moved and expertly re-setup for safe operation. The staff who helped were very professional. The job was completed professionally and without interruption to research.
    Barbara Baker,
    Plant Gene Expression Center,
  • “I just wanted to let you know what a great job [Akima employee] is doing out here in the PGEC greenhouse. … We really appreciate his personal high standards for appearance, positive mental attitude, and job performance.”
    Julia Calfas, USDA Western Regional Research Center, CA
  • “… It goes without saying that the work that you are doing on Mission Assurance is just as important as the hardware you are building and software you are developing. … Thank you for all the hard work and your continued commitment [to] improving Mission Assurance.”
    Jerry L. McDowell, Ph.D,
    Vice President DSASMU,
    Sandia National Laboratories
  • “The operational aspect of the gateway stations was exceptional with traffic handling and no outages.”
    Cynthia Hall,
    Contracting Officer
    Fort Huachuca, AZ
  • “I appreciate the efforts you and the Akima team have made to help us navigate through the changes.”
    Regina Kelly, Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative
    NASA Glenn Research Center, OH
  • “The contractors (Akima) have excellent working relationships with the volunteers and government personnel. They coordinate actions and respond promptly to requests.”
    Cynthia Hall,
    Contracting Officer
    Fort Huachuca, AZ