Our Company

Who We Are

Akima Facilities Management (AFM) is an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) and large business that specializes in delivering outstanding integrated facility and installation infrastructure support across broad service platforms. Because of its status as an ANC, AFM provides small disadvantaged business credit to any company, when performing in a subcontracting role.

Building on our comprehensive understanding of facility and infrastructure support requirements, AFM offers cost-effective project support to satisfy diverse customer requirements.

AFM brings customers a wealth of government contracting experience and the assurance of optimum performance, based on its reputation for outstanding service. We understand the value of providing excellent customer service and the importance of proactively supporting our customers. A key element in our approach to performance is excellence in the leadership and management of technically skilled personnel in safety-driven environments. AFM consistently operates its work sites with a safety record 26% better than the industry average.

AFM is a member of the Akima family of companies. Founded in 2003, AFM continues to grow rapidly and is eligible for work under numerous NAICS codes, primarily 561210, 493110, and 541330. Akima provides support services in the following areas:

  • Facilities operation and management
  • Engineering services
  • Base operations and support
  • Logistics support
  • Transportation support
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Telecommunication services
  • Administrative support
  • Renovation and minor construction

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